What is on this site

1. SADC REEP Collaboration Site

This site allows users to access the SADC REEP's collaboration site where articles discussing different Environmental Education (EE) or Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) issues will be published. Users are encouraged to submit their articles to inform others what is happening around them or elsewhere in the world. You can share your experience on the development of EE/ESD resources using ICTs. If you have an article to publish wrote by yourself or by somebody else, just e-mail it to this e-mail address: mauricenks@gmail.com. If you want to publish an article published by somebody else, remember to acknowledge the source of the information or just provide the link of the website to be opened straight from your article.

If you have a resource(s) to share with others, just e-mail it as an attachment to the above provided e-mail address; I will link the resource(s) on the SADC REEP collaboration site for you.

This site will be used also for capacity building in the areas of EE/ESD and ICT. Readers are encouraged to contribute by the means of comments or additional information.

2. Community Messages

I developed another site for community to exchange messages and enhance community of practice in different areas of EE/ESD. This site is different to the SADC REEP collaboration site because it is used for sending messages to all members of the community (users subscribed to the community site). You can use the community messages tool to ask questions or to seek for help from one and another in the areas of EE/ESD and ICTs.

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