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Schools, colleges and universities are in the process of improving accessibility of their learning resources throughout, both in the physical as well as the virtual environment. Technology is common ground to easily distribute content in electronic format to students without worrying about geographical locations. Access to quality learning resources remains a big issue in developing countries, especially in Africa.

The penetration of mobile phones in rural areas is a great phenomenal development in Africa in this 21st century. Educationalists are trying to take advantage of this situation to try to break the digital divide and try to catch up with the big gap between rural and urban areas. Various organisations are trying to find out if mobile technologies can help to reduce poverty in Africa. 

By creating this mobile site, our main objective is to make sure that practitioners of EE/ESD staying in remote areas can benefit from information sharing between other members in SADC countries.


Mobile technology is the answer when Internet connectivity using  PCs is an issue. Mobile telephony coverage is more than 70% in most African countries and special effort is made by African governments to reach people in the rural areas using such technologies for social, educational and economic development.

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