About Us

During the first EE/ICT course organised by SADC REEP (Regional Environmental Education Programme), the majority of participants were concerned with the after-workshop. They strongly requested if SADC REEP can put in place a network system, which will allow participants from various programmes organised by SADC REEP, to keep in touch and exchange information or collaborate on different projects.

After discussion with the Project Manager of SADC REEP, Mr. Tichaona Pesanayi, we decided to create a collaboration site where participants from different SADC countries can publish articles on different issues in the areas of EE/ESD and ICT.

We decided to add a community messages system where participants from different SADC countries can use to send short messages to inform others the projects they are busy working on and exchange their experiences.

The SADC REEP Collaboration Site and the Community Messages system has been developed by Mr. Maurice Nkusi from Namibia. His contacts are:

Tel: +264-61 2072559

Fax: +264-88 618296

email: mauricenks@gmail.com





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